Personalized Pet ID Tags for Dogs

Pet ID Tags are probably the most detailed and interesting tags for dogs in the world. They are not just another ordinary tag. Our ID's provide your dog's finder with much more important information in case your beloved furbaby ever gets lost. Additional contact methods, veterinarian's emergency number, medical data, dietary needs etc. can be found on the tag itself or via our website, depending on which information you decide to provide.

Our pet tags are of course smaller that real identity cards. They come in two perfect tag sizes designed to fit your dog, no matter the shape and size.

Big tag:
5,4cm x 2,9cm

Big Pet ID Tag - front and back view

Small tag:
4,1cm x 2,4cm

Small Pet ID Tag - front and back view

15.00   9.99

The Last Pet Tag You'll Ever Buy. Guaranteed.

Our pet tags for dogs are made of durable hard plastic and a coat of laminate that further protects them from the day to day life of being an animal.

Pet ID Tags are built from premium quality cards covered with laminate to protext the print

Designed To Make You Smile

The tag will bring countless smiles to you, your family and friends. And your dog will be the talk of the neighborhood with their very own Personalized Dog ID Tag.

Created To Keep Your Dog Safe

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your best friend is safe.

Creating a tag is easy and fun!

1. Load photo

Load photo

Pick your favourite photo of your dog. Upload and crop it using our pet tags configurator.

2. Live preview

Live preview

Fill out the form in our configurator to see a LIVE preview of your Pet ID Tag or Pet ID Card.

3. Ships in 2-3 days

Ships in 2-3 days

We produce and ship the products within 2-3 business days after receiving your order.

Give Your Best Friend the Gift of Safety

15.00   9.99