SafePet Personalized Wallet ID Card for dog and cat owners

Pet Wallet ID Cards

Carry a reminder of your furbaby at all times. Your friends and family won't stop smiling at the idea of how cute it is for your dog to have their own Pet Wallet ID Card. The size of a credit card makes it fit into any wallet. Thereby your pup will accompany you always and everywhere.

Size: standard credit card

Why should I buy a Pet Wallet ID Card?

  Designed For Emergencies

Carry the most important information about your furry friend with you at all times. You never know when information such as microchip number, veterinarian's emergency number or medical information will come in handy.

  Lost & Found Service

The card has your pet's ID number which gives you quick access to our Lost & Found service. There you can quickly print an automatically generated Lost Pet poster in just 1 click so that you are not wasting precious time if your pet ever gets lost.

  Great Proof of Ownership

Once your pet is found, proving your ownership is often more complicated than it needs to be. Your Pet Wallet ID Card will serve as a quick way to show that the found pet is in fact yours.