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SafePetOnline account

SafePetOnline is an international animal database. It has been created for you and your furry friends. By registering your SafePetOnline account you contribute to the safety of your beloved pups.


Do you want to take a look at the SafePetOnline account before deciding to register? Click on the button below to go to a test account, identical to the actual ones. The only difference is that update and buy buttons are inactive.


Why should I buy a SafePetOnline account?

  Easy access to pet profile

SafePetOnline makes it possible for you to access your registered dog's data via the Internet. After you sign in to your account, you will be presented with a list of all your furry friends. Just click any of them to access their online account.

  All your dogs in one place

You can register all your furbabies and access their profiles under single account. You will always have the information you need in one place.

  Update their data

In your pet's online profile you will be able to update any of their information. This includes all the data provided when ordering Personalized Pet ID Tag for your dog.

  Add additional info

Provide even more essential info for your pet's finder in case your beloved furbaby ever gets lost! Microchip #, rabies vaccination date, distinguishing marks, additional contact details, your pet's special needs such as health issues, food allergies or behavioral problems, etc. All this can help with your dog's happy return!

  1-click lost pet poster printout

SafePetOnline account comes with a 1-click lost pet poster printout function. Thanks to this, instead of wasting time in front of your computer, you can focus on looking for your beloved animal in case it ever gets lost.

  1-click Pet ID Tag purchase

Your pet's data has changed and you want to order a new Pet ID Tag or a Pet Wallet ID Card for yourself? Or you just love the current tag so much that you want another one for the second collar? Via SafePetOnline you can add Pet ID Tag and/or Pet Wallet ID Card for your pup to cart with just one click! No need to re-enter its data.