Personalized Pet ID Tags

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Personalized Pet ID Tags

20.00   14.99

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The Last Pet Tag You'll Ever Buy.

45,000 dogs go missing every week in the U.S. Keep your pet safe and never worry about your furbaby getting lost again!

Many people don't know what to do when they find a lost dog. Even worse, if your best friend doesn't have a dog tag with your phone number, most people will do nothing! Our personalized pet tags for dogs are easily noticeable and have all the necessary information to help your pup's finder get it back to you as soon as possible.

We've tested our tags on 7,000+ dogs and listened to their owners opinions. Even though our first Customers are very satisfied with their Pet ID Tags, they helped us make them even better for your pup! Thanks to our Customers' trust and support, we are proud to offer you the highest quality dog tags for pets on the market. We believe you'll be so happy with your pet's new tag, that it will be the last one you ever buy.

Standard Pet ID Tag - front and back view
Small Pet ID Tag - front and back view

  Quick And Easy Contact

Reading a microchip takes a special scanner that only vets and shelters have. That's why a dog collar tag with your phone number is your pup's first ticket home.

  Durable & Waterproof

Our pet tags for dogs are made of durable hard plastic and a coat of laminate that further protects them from the day to day life of being an animal.

  For Dogs Of All Sizes

At just 2.13" x 1.13" (5,4cm x 2,9cm) for the regular tag and 1.63" x 0.94" (4,1cm x 2,4cm) for the small one, Pet ID Tags can be comfortably worn by all dogs, no matter the size.

  Medical Information

On the back of your pet's tag you can write important information such as microchip number, vets emergency number, food allergies, medical treatment and health issues.

  1-Click Lost Pet Poster

Lost & Found service comes FREE with the purchase of your Dog ID Tags and helps make sure no time is wasted if your pup ever gets lost.

  Fully Silent

Our tags don't make the familiar jingly sound that other pet tags for dogs do. No more clinking as your furry friend moves around!

  Smile Generator

The tag will bring countless smiles to you, your family and friends. And your furbaby will be the talk of the neighborhood with their very own Personalized Dog ID Tag.

  Appreciated by Customers

Personalized Pet ID Tags have been awarded the best dog accessories in TOP for DOG 2015 contest. This confirms that we offer you the best pet tags on the market!

  Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Dog ID Tags come with a 365-Day Manufacturer's Warranty. If your tag gets damaged, we will send you an identical new one for just the cost of shipping!

Keeping 9936 Pets Safe.

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Give Your Best Friend the Gift of Safety.

365-Days Warranty

We proudly stand behind every product we make. Every tag comes with a "no questions asked" 12-Month Warranty. If your pet's tag gets damaged, we will send you an identical new one for just the cost of shipping!

20.00   14.99